Monte Carlo Baby


Monte Carlo Baby is a 1951 British-French comedy film co-directed by Jean Boyer and Lester Fuller. It featured an early performance by Audrey Hepburn playing a spoiled actress. Most Hepburn biographies indicate that it was during the filming of this film that Hepburn was first discovered by the playwright Colette and chosen for the lead role in the play Gigi, which would lead to Hepburn launching her acting career in Hollywood.

Monte Carlo Baby was produced in the English language. However, a second version of the film was made in the French language. Since Hepburn was fluent in French, she played the same role (although the character's name was changed). This version of the film was released in 1951 as Nous irons à Monte Carlo (We're Going to Monte Carlo).

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
前进蒙特卡罗zh-hans zh
前進蒙特卡羅zh-hant zh-hk
Nous irons à Monte-Carlo
Monte Carlo Baby nb id ast tl pt-br
Монте Карлоmk
Vacanze a Montecarlo
کودک مونت کارلوfa
Herstellungsland:Frankreich, Vereinigtes Königreich
IMDB: 215
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