Darf ein Mann so dumm sein?


Mademoiselle ma mère (My Mother Is a Miss) is a 1937 French comedy film directed by Henri Decoin,[1] and starring Danielle Darrieux,[2] Pierre Brasseur and Pierre Larquey. The screenplay was written by Jean Boyer, based on a play by Louis Verneuil. The music score is by Georges Van Parys.

It tells the story of a rich young girl who avoids the sex with her older husband and falls in love with her stepson. The film was remade as Novio, marido y amante (1948) in Argentina.

Jaqueline's father is tired of her free spirit life, and to make things worst she just broke up with her fourteenth fiancé and they argue about it. In order to upset her daddy even more the young lady decided to marry Albert Letournel, a wealthy man who is in his fifties.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Mademoiselle ma mère
Kisasszony a mostohámhu
Darf ein Mann so dumm sein?
IMDB: 62
Regie:Henri Decoin
Drehbuch:Jean Boyer
Musik:Georges van Parys
Darsteller:Danielle Darrieux
Pierre Brasseur
Pierre Larquey
André Alerme
Departamento Artigas
Alfred Pasquali
Gaston Rey
Gilberte Géniat
Jean Chevrier
Marcel Simon
Robert Arnoux
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