Trancers 5


Trancers 5: Sudden Deth is a 1994 American sci-fi fantasy adventure film written by Peter David, directed by David Nutter, and starring Tim Thomerson as the time-traveling "trancer hunter" Jack Deth. It marked, to date, Thomerson's last appearance as Jack Deth, excluding his cameo in Evil Bong.

The fifth installment of the Trancers series was filmed back-to-back with Trancers 4: Jack of Swords and is the fourth entry released under the Full Moon Features banner.

The film has been released on DVD through the Trancers boxset.

Jack is back for one more round with the Trancers. Jack Deth must attempt to find his way home from the other-dimensional world of Orpheus, where magic works and the Trancers were the ruling class (before Trancers 4: Jack of Swords, that is). Jack's quest to find the mystical Diamond in the Castle of Unrelenting Terror may be thwarted by the return of Caliban, King of the Trancers who was once thought dead.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Trancers 5: Sudden Deth ast cy
Cavalieri interstellari: Ultimo atto
Трансери 5: Раптовий Дет
Trancers 5
Трансеры 5: Молниеносный Дет
ترنسرها ۵fa
Genre:Actionfilm, Science-Fiction-Film
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 816
Verleih:Paramount Pictures, Netflix
Regie:David Nutter
Drehbuch:Peter David
Kamera:Adolfo Bartoli
Darsteller:Alan Oppenheimer
Rona Hartner
Stephen Macht
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