Mission D.R.O.P.


Drop Squad (sometimes spelled as DROP Squad or D.R.O.P. Squad) is an American film released in 1994. The film depicts a team of African Americans who kidnap fellow black people whom they feel have betrayed their community and seek to "deprogram" them so that they will change their ways.[1] In the film, the squad's acronym DROP stands for "Deprogramming and Restoration of Pride".[2] The film has been described as "[p]art thriller, part social satire".[3]

The film was based in part on The Session, a 45-minute film which director David Johnson had made in 1988 on a budget of $20,000,[4] and ultimately derived from a short story by David C. Taylor titled "The Deprogrammer".[5] Johnson described the differences between the two films as follows: "The short film was basically satire, an absurdist piece .... D.R.O.P. Squad, on the other hand, is realism. The characters have more at stake."[4]

Spike Lee served as executive producer for the film.[6]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Drop Squad tr ast
Mission D.R.O.P.
ড্রপ স্কোয়াডbn
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 513
Verleih:Gramercy Pictures
Regie:David C. Johnson
Drehbuch:David C. Johnson
Produzent:Spike Lee
Darsteller:Eriq La Salle
Vondie Curtis-Hall
Ving Rhames
Kasi Lemmons
Spike Lee
Vanessa Lynn Williams
Vanessa Estelle Williams
Paula Kelly
Ellis Williams
Paul Benjamin
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