Anhonee is a 1973 Bollywood suspense drama film directed by Ravi Tandon. It stars Sanjeev Kumar, Leena Chandavarkar, Bindu, Padma Khanna and Kamini Kaushal. Laxmikant-Pyarelal provided the music for the film. Year 1996 movie Chhote Sarkar was partially inspired by this film. This is considered one of the best crime thriller film made in Bollywood.

After the tragic death of her dad, Dr. Rekha continues to live with her step-mother in Bombay, where she runs a mental institution. While traveling by train one night, they are accosted by a knife-wielding escaped mental patient, Sunil, whose aggression is calmed by Rekha. She gets him admitted into her hospital where he is put under observation and treatment at the hands of Dr. Mathur and herself. He soon starts responding positively under their care, and is on his way to recovery. Once, he saves Rekha from being molested in a parking lot, and this sparks romance between the two. At first Rekha is reluctant to marry Sunil due to a secret which she cannot reveal. After great persistence from Sunil, she reveals that she killed her father by accident when he was trying to have sex with her thinking that she was her stepmother. But she still doesn't understand why didn't he stop when she shrieked out after identifying her voice ; she probably thinks that as he was drunk he might have had the difficulty. It is then revealed that Sunil is not as he pretends to be; He is a well respected Police Inspector trying to find the mystery of Mr.Rai Bahadur's death. All is set for the two to get engaged at a lavish party. It is at this party that Rekha will find out that Sunil who he is and tries to get away from him.

Laxmikant-Pyarelal composed the songs on lyrics by Verma Malik.

Asha Bhosale was nominated for Filmfare award for Best female playback singer.

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weitere Titel:
अनहोनी (सन् १९७३या संकिपा)new
IMDB: 62
Regie:Ravi Tandon
Kamera:S. Ramachandra
Darsteller:Sanjeev Kumar
Leena Chandavarkar
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