Bikhre Moti


Bikhre Moti (transl. Dispersed Pearls ) is a 1971 Indian Hindi-language drama film, produced by Omi Arora under the Gita Shree Films banner and directed by Tapi Chanakya. It stars Jeetendra and Babita, and the music was composed by Laxmikant–Pyarelal.

Sulochana is a young mother who accepts forced widowhood and has to leave her home with her two sons. She gets involved in an accident while saving the life of a millionaire's only daughter Leela and ends up losing her two sons. The millionaire, by his will, names Sulochana as the guardian of Leela before his death. Fate ordains her sons Anand and Gopi to grow up in totally different environments. Anand gets rescued by Inspector Ram Prakash and grows up to be a police officer, while Gopi grows up to be a notorious criminal. Unaware of their relationship, Gopi and Anand become arch enemies when they both fall in love with Leela. On the wedding day of Anand and Leela, Ramprakash has killed chasing criminals Gopi and Jeevan a murderer released from jail. On hearing the news Leela loses her senses in a state of shock of losing another father in an accident. Anand vows to remain unmarried till he arrests the criminals who killed Ramprakash and soon discovers that Gopi is the murderer. Sulochana also learns the truth about Gopi but realizes that he is her long-lost son after seeing a childhood mark. Leela also regains her senses after falling from the stairs. Gopi sets out to end Anand and takes the help of Jeevan who is their father. He doesn't kill Anand after realizing that he is his son. Fate pits the two brothers against each other but both parents reunite the brothers.

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weitere Titel:
Bikhre Moti
बिखरे मोतीhi
বিখরে মোতিbn
ಬಿಖ್ರೆ ಮೋತಿkn
IMDB: 19
Regie:Tapi Chanakya
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