Bomb It


Bomb It is an international graffiti and street art documentary directed by Jon Reiss[1] and premiered at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival. Filmed on five continents, featuring cities such as New York, Cape Town, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Berlin and Sao Paulo, Bomb It explores the interplay between worldwide graffiti movements, the global proliferation of "Quality of Life" laws, and the fight for control over public space.

Graffiti artists across the globe joined forces with Reiss to create the film which features original footage from many controversial graffiti writers beginning with the first graffiti writer Cornbread, to those who saw the take-off of the art, TAKI 183 to more contemporary writers Shepard Fairey and Os Gemeos.[2]

In addition to TAKI 183, the film features Tracy 168, Terrible T-Kid 170, Cope2, Stay High 149, KRS-One, Revs, 2esae, Zephyr, Cornbread, DAIM, Blek le Rat, Shuck2, Ash, Skuf, Revok, Ron English, Chaz Bojorquez, Lady Pink, Mear One, Urban Theorists Stefano Bloch (UCLA Dept. of Urban Planning and University of Arizona) and Susan Phillips (Pitzer College), actor and filmmaker Russ Kingston,[3] Pez, Sixe, Falko, Faith47, Zezão [pt] , Ise, Kenor & Kode, Scage, Mickey, Chino, and Ket.[4]

George Kelling, co-author of Broken Windows, an Atlantic Monthly article[5] that formed the basis for Rudy Giuliani's widely imitated gentrification campaign, was interviewed for this film.[6]

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weitere Titel:
Bomb It ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 638
Verleih:Gravitas Ventures
Regie:Jon Reiss
Produzent:Jon Reiss
Darsteller:TAKI 183
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Tribeca Film Festival
Jury Award
Best Documentary Feature
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