Cuckoo Patrol


Cuckoo Patrol is a 1967 British musical comedy film directed by Duncan Wood and starring Freddie Garrity, Victor Maddern, John Le Mesurier and Kenneth Connor. It was produced in 1965 but held back for two years.[1]

The film's tag line, "Based on a story outline by Freddie and the Dreamers", has been described in The Independent as "terrifying".[2]

A group of Boy Scouts get separated from Wick, their adult leader, on their way to a group meeting. A string of loosely-connected events ensue.

At first they are trapped in the back of a furniture lorry. When they eventually get out they are closer to their destination than they think, but thanks to poor map reading they head in the wrong direction.

A car passing loses a suitcase labelled The Silver Supermen. This results in them taking the place of two wrestlers in a tag match and surprisingly winning.

Struggling to establish camp, they are helped by a group of girl guides and end singing around the campfire until their leader Brown Owl takes the girls off. In fear of facing punishment, they pack up camp and leave.

Their handcart is in the middle of the road and two bank robbers have their car blocked. In suggesting a diversion the car is wrecked and they offer to carry the men's gear on their cart. Soon after, they unknowingly help crack a safe at Marshall and Snodgress, a sports good store. The gelignite owned by the burglars gets thrown around before one boy opens the safe with a karate chop. They realise that a real crime is being committed after the bank-robbers threaten them with a gun and bombard the crooks with tennis balls before the police arrive.

The next morning they arrive safely at the group meeting on a tractor. The cart on the back blows up as the gelignite was still there. The boys laugh on the roof of the bus as Wick searches for them while holding a blade.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Cuckoo Patrol ast cy
Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich
IMDB: 102
Regie:Duncan Wood
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