Dicen que soy mujeriego


Dicen que Soy un Mujeriego ("They Say I am a Womanizer") is a 1949 Mexican comedy-drama film directed by Roberto Rodríguez. This Mexican film classic was made during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.[1] In this film, Mexican superstar, Pedro Infante co-starred with Golden Age Mexican super star Sara Garcia (“Mexico’s grandmother”)[2] as Dona Rosa, as well as with Silvia Derbez as Flor and child star "La Tucita" María Eugenia Llamas (five years old at the time).[3] In this comedy, Pedro Infante is Sara Garcia's (“Dona Rosa”) philandering grandson. Dona Rosa is a prominent rancher. She deeply loves Pedro, but is constantly trying to get him to behave – with no success. While Pedro is ever popular with the ladies, he has his eye on Flor (Silvia Derbez), the niece of a neighboring rancher. Flor flirts with him and plays him off against the disreputable saloon owner and town mayor, Pablo (Rodolfo Landa). Pablo tricks orphan Tucita into believing she is Pedro's daughter as a way to ruin Pedro's chances with Flor. Everyone is quick to believe that Pedro is Tucita's father. However, in the end, the plot is revealed and Pedro and Flor marry.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Dicen que soy mujeriego
IMDB: 87
Regie:Roberto Rodríguez
Kamera:Jack Draper
Musik:Manuel Esperón
Darsteller:Pedro Infante
Sara García
María Eugenia Llamas
Amalia Aguilar
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