Dus Numbri


Dus Numbri (transl. Of the number 10 )[a] is a 1976 Indian Hindi-language film. Produced and directed by Madan Mohla, and written by S. Ali Raza and Dhruva Chatterjee, it stars Manoj Kumar, Hema Malini, Pran, Premnath, Bindu, Kamini Kaushal and Om Shivpuri. The music is by Laxmikant Pyarelal. The film was later remade into the Telugu film KD No:1 (1978).[1]

The film was the top hit of 1976.[2] The film ranked #9 for the 1970s decade[3] and is also ranked #47 of all-time hits[4]

Inspector Shiv Nath is an honest and diligent police officer in Bombay, and lives with his wife, Radha, and a young son, Arjun. While making several arrests in connection with counterfeit money and drugs, he discovers that his close friend, Karamchand is also involved in this racket. Before he could take any action, he himself is arrested by the police for possession of counterfeit money and drugs, and sentenced to a jail term, but he escapes. Radha loses her mind and is institutionalized, while Arjun takes to petty crime and on reaching adulthood is the Don of the area known and feared as "Dus Numbri". He meets with and falls in love with a petty thief and card-sharp, Rosemary Fernandes. When Radha accidentally meets with Rosemary, she thinks it is Sundari, Karamchand's wife, and then Radha starts to regain her sanity. But not for long, as Arjun, Radha, and Rosemary become enmeshed in a dangerous plot.

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weitere Titel:
Dus Numbri
दस नम्बरी (सन् १९७६या संकिपा)new
दस नम्बरी (1976 फ़िल्म)hi
দশ নম্বরিbn
ದಸ್ ನು೦ಬ್ರಿkn
దస్ నుంబెరిte
ده عددfa
IMDB: 124
Drehbuch:Dhruva Chatterjee
Darsteller:Manoj Kumar
Hema Malini
Prem Nath
Kamini Kaushal
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