Rebellen der Weisheit


Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action is a 2008 documentary film written and directed by Velcrow Ripper that focuses on spiritual activism. Fueled by the belief that "another world" is possible, Ripper explores the stories of people who have turned to spiritual activism as a means to cope with personal and global crises. The film contains interviews from Daryl Hannah, Thich Nhat Hanh, Desmond Tutu, Julia Butterfly Hill, Van Jones, Alice Walker, Joanna Macy, Noah Levine and John Lewis. Others featured include Michael Beckwith, Sera Beak, Ralph Nader among many others such as the original inspiration for the film, Brad Will.

The film is produced by the Fiercelight Films Inc. and the National Film Board of Canada and is distributed by Alive Mind.[1][2] The United Kingdom distributor is Dogwoof Pictures.[3]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Fierce Light
Rebellen der Weisheit
IMDB: 131
Regie:Velcrow Ripper
Drehbuch:Velcrow Ripper
Kamera:Velcrow Ripper
Darsteller:Joan Baez
Michael Beckwith
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