Melvin, Son of Alvin


Melvin, Son of Alvin is a 1984 Australian comedy film. It is a sequel to Alvin Purple,[3] but was released in the United States and the United Kingdom under the title Foreplay.

A television reporter is doing an article on the sexiest man on Earth. She tracks down Alvin Purple and discovers he has a son, Melvin, who is similarly irresistible to women. However, Melvin is scared of women, and is a virgin.

Melvin begins a relationship with a young Greek-Australian girl, Gloria, whose mother is very protective of her. The television reporter reunites Melvin with his father, who is performing as a nightclub singer and is the leader of a cult called the 'Purple People'.

Production of the film was twice delayed when major backers pulled out prior to the filming date. Before the movie's release, three cuts were ordered to enable the movie to get an M rating.[4]

Filmink magazine later said 'the success of T&A American comedies in the early 80s seems to have inspired this late sequel, which took the one joke concept (homely man is irresistible to women) and made it a no-joke concept by making it about a handsome male model type who is irresistible to women, replacing that with various Porky's-era tropes'.[5]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
Kinostart:November 1984
weitere Titel:
Melvin, Son of Alvin ast
IMDB: 138
Darsteller:Graeme Blundell
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