Mickey's Covered Wagon


Mickey's Covered Wagon is a 1933 short film in Larry Darmour's Mickey McGuire series starring a young Mickey Rooney. Directed by Jesse Duffy, the two-reel short was released to theaters on November 30, 1933 by Post Pictures Corp.

After helping an elderly friend of theirs, Mickey and the gang are rewarded with everything they need to go out mining as prospectors. Throughout an expedition 'out west' Stinkey Davis continuously tries to sabotage the kids' wagons. After finally getting rid of Stinkie, a storm begins to approach. The gang takes refuge in nearby deserted house, which is thought to be haunted.

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weitere Titel:
Mickey's Covered Wagon ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
Regie:Jesse Duffy
Darsteller:Mickey Rooney
Billy Barty
Shirley Jean Rickert
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