Stoßtrupp durch die grüne Hölle


A Rumor of War is a 1980 television miniseries, based on the 1977 autobiography by Philip Caputo about his service in the United States Marine Corps in the early years of American involvement in the Vietnam War. It was one of the earliest serious US works of television or film drama to be based on US combat experience in Southeast Asia.

The miniseries was filmed at Camp Pendleton and Churubusco Studios, Mexico with a cast featuring Brad Davis, Keith Carradine, Brian Dennehy, Richard Bradford, Michael O'Keefe, Stacy Keach, Lane Smith and Christopher Mitchum. The producers could not find enough Sikorsky HUS-1 helicopters so used UH-1 Huey helicopters instead.

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weitere Titel:
A Rumor of War ast ga
Шепіт янголів
Stoßtrupp durch die grüne Hölle
Rumeurs de guerre
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 330
Regie:Richard T. Heffron
Drehbuch:John Sacret Young
Philip Caputo
Kamera:Stevan Larner
Produzent:David Manson
Darsteller:Brad Davis
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Primetime Emmy Awards
Primetime Emmy
Outstanding Film Sound Mixing
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