Jenny is a 1936 French drama film, the first full-length feature by Marcel Carné and the first of his successful collaborations with the dialogue writer Jacques Prévert and the composer Joseph Kosma. The leading roles are taken by Françoise Rosay, Albert Préjean, Charles Vanel, and Lisette Lanvin.[1] It tells the story of a middle-aged woman in Paris who with underworld support has built up a smart night club, but her life starts falling apart when the young gangster she maintains as her lover falls in love with her daughter. At times the film moves into the realm of poetic realism, where the cinematography, music and dialogue infuse the lives and surroundings of ordinary people with poetry.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Jenny sh
Jenny, regina della notte
Hos Jenny
Jenny (fim, 1936)ht
IMDB: 249
Regie:Marcel Carné
Drehbuch:Jacques Prévert
Kamera:Roger Hubert
Musik:Joseph Kosma
Darsteller:Françoise Rosay
Albert Préjean
Charles Vanel
Jean-Louis Barrault
Sylvia Bataille
Roger Blin
Enrico Glori
Génia Vaury
Joseph Kosma
Lisette Lanvin
Marcel Mouloudji
Margo Lion
Pierre Piérade
Robert Le Vigan
Roland Toutain
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