Der Käfig


The Trap (Italian: La Gabbia), also known as Collector's Item, Dead Fright and The Cage,[1] is a 1985 erotic thriller directed by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi (his last theatrical film), and starring Tony Musante, Laura Antonelli, and Florinda Bolkan.[2] Famed Italian horror director Lucio Fulci contributed to the screenplay (this film was done during the time Fulci was recovering from hepatitus, so he was unable to direct it).

The film is based on a story called "L'Occhio", written by filmmaker Francesco Barilli.[3] Barilli intended to make the film himself, but had trouble securing backing and balked at the producers wanting Shelley Winters in the lead role. So he sold the idea to Griffi and let him produce and direct it, retitling it The Trap. Barilli said of the finished product "Lets' talk frankly here, that movie sucks...." and Fulci even used profanity alluding to his opinion of Griffi, who he felt stole his chance to direct the film.[4]

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08.05.1986 in Deutschland
weitere Titel:
The Trap
La gabbia
دام (فیلم ۱۹۸۵)fa
Der Käfig
スキャンダル 愛の罠
Genre:Erotik-Thriller, Filmdrama
Herstellungsland:Spanien, Italien
IMDB: 352
Regie:Giuseppe Patroni Griffi
Drehbuch:Alberto Silvestri
Lucio Fulci
Francesco Barilli
Roberto Leoni
Kamera:Juan Amorós
Schnitt:Sergio Montanari
Musik:Ennio Morricone
Darsteller:Laura Antonelli
Tony Musante
Florinda Bolkan
Cristina Marsillach
Laura Troschel
Blanca Marsillach
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