Le schpountz


Le schpountz is a 1999 French film directed by Gérard Oury (a remake of the 1938 film Heartbeat by Marcel Pagnol). Irénée does not want to work in his uncle's grocery shop and spends his time dreaming of becoming an actor. Irénée's chance comes when a crew of movie makers came to his little village. Irénée begins to go overboard to get noticed, which earns him the traditional joke reserved to a "schpountz" (naive person): a phoney contract and a departure for Paris.

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weitere Titel:
Le Schpountz
Le schpountz
Le Schpountz (fim, 1999)ht
IMDB: 224
Regie:Gérard Oury
Drehbuch:Albert Algoud
Gérard Oury
Musik:Vladimir Cosma
Produzent:Alain Poiré
Sabine Azéma
Ticky Holgado
Martin Lamotte
Annie Grégorio
Jean-Marie Winling
Georges Neri
Carole Franck
Carole Brenner
Jean-Marie Juan
Marcel Philippot
Jean Dell
Christophe Guybet
Patrice Abbou
Rémy Roubakha
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