Marie – Eine wahre Geschichte


Marie (also known as Marie: A True Story) is a 1985 American biographical film starring Sissy Spacek as Marie Ragghianti, former head of the Tennessee Board of Pardons and Paroles, who was removed from office in 1977 after refusing to release prisoners on whose behalf bribes had been paid to aides to Governor Ray Blanton. Ragghianti, a single mother and political appointee, was hounded for refusal to cooperate with the culture of corruption with which she found herself confronted. Two of Blanton's aides faced prosecution for their roles in the scandal. The film was based on the book Marie: A True Story by Peter Maas.

The film was directed by Roger Donaldson, with a screenplay by John Briley, best known as the screenwriter of Gandhi. It also starred Jeff Daniels, Keith Szarabajka, Morgan Freeman, Fred Thompson, Lisa Banes, John Cullum, Graham Beckel, and Macon McCalman.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
04.06.1987 in Deutschland
weitere Titel:
Marien taistelufi
Marie cs ast
Una donna, una storia vera
Marie – Eine wahre Geschichte
ماری (فیلم)fa
Genre:Literaturverfilmung, Politthriller
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 809
Regie:Roger Donaldson
Drehbuch:John Briley
Kamera:Chris Menges
Schnitt:Neil Travis
Musik:Francis Lai
Produzent:Frank Capra junior
Darsteller:Sissy Spacek
Jeff Daniels
Keith Szarabajka
Morgan Freeman
Fred Thompson
Collin Wilcox
Graham Beckel
Jane Powell
John Cullum
Leon Rippy
Timothy Carhart
Stephen Henderson
Trey Wilson
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