Slunce, seno, jahody


Slunce, seno, jahody is a Czech comedy film made in 1983, usually regarded as one of the classics of the Czech comedy industry. Written and directed by Zdeněk Troška, it was filmed and set in Hoštice, a small rural village in the Czech portion of the former Czechoslovakia. It is a play on the perceived stereotypes of daily life in a village community.

A Czech agricultural student, Šimon Plánička, arrives at the small South Bohemian town of Hoštice, and joins the local JZD (agricultural co-op) with the intention of trying out his experiment regarding the "Milk yield of cows in regards to a cultured environment". He runs into difficulty with the directorship of the JZD, but he finds them eager to help once they hear he's the son of the local agricultural commissioner, as his last name is also Plánička. Blažena Škopková is given the task of finding out how things are looking. However everything is complicated by the jealousy of Blažena's boyfriend Venca.

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weitere Titel:
Slunce, seno, jahodycs sk
Солнце, сено, ягоды
Nap, széna, eperhu
IMDB: 1182
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