New Year's Day


New Year's Day is a 2001 comedy-drama film starring Andrew Lee Potts, Bobby Barry, Jacqueline Bisset, Anastasia Hille, Michael Kitchen, Sue Johnston, Ralph Brown and Marianne Jean-Baptiste. It was written by Ralph Brown and directed by Suri Krishnamma.

The film follows two teenagers, Jake (Potts) and Steve (Barry) as they cope with life after being the sole survivors of an avalanche. Their teacher also survives the accident, but remains comatose and dies soon after the start of the film. The two boys make a suicide pact agreeing that on the first anniversary of the avalanche, they will kill themselves. The two spend their last year living life to the fullest. This takes the form of a list of "tasks", which they both must fulfill before dying.

The movie's screenplay is written by Brown, and deals with themes such as the generation gap, the conflicts that surround today's youngsters, suicide, crossing boundaries and how people are affected by tragedy. Brown has spoken of New Year's Day being prompted by the murder of James Bulger, in the sense of a storyline concerning two young people who are surrounded by grown-ups who have no idea about what they are doing.

New Year's Day won best film at the Raindance Film Festival 2001, and best film at the Sapporo Film Festival 2001. In February 2001, it also took the Grand Prize in the 12th Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival which was attended by director Suri Krishnamma.[1]

The film contains a cover of the Tim Hardin song "Reason to Believe" by Paul Weller, recorded specially for the movie.

The exams scenes were filmed using students from the Queens School in Bushey, Hertfordshire. The school is located next door the ex American University where some of the school scenes were shot.

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weitere Titel:
Un été pour vivre
New Year's Day ast
뉴 이어스 데이ko
Genre:Dramedy, Coming-of-Age-Geschichte
Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich
IMDB: 432
Regie:Suri Krishnamma
Drehbuch:Ralph Brown
Kamera:John de Borman
Musik:Julian Nott
Produzent:Simon Channing-Williams
Darsteller:Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Anastasia Hille
Andrew Lee Potts
Jacqueline Bisset
Michael Kitchen
Ralph Brown
Sue Johnston
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Raindance Film Festival
Jury Prize
UK Feature
Ghent International Film Festival
Youth Jury Award - Special Mention
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