The Missouri Traveler


The Missouri Traveler is a 1958 American coming-of-age period piece drama film directed by Jerry Hopper starring Brandon deWilde and Lee Marvin. It is based on the novel of the same name by John Burress. The cinematography was by Technicolor developer Winton C. Hoch with harmonica and banjo score by Jack Marshall of The Munsters fame. The feature was distributed by the Buena Vista Corporation subsidiary of Walt Disney Productions, but the film did not carry the "Disney" trademark.

It is the second of only 3 films produced by Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney's C. V. Whitney Pictures; the first being The Searchers in 1956 with John Wayne and directed by John Ford, the last being The Young Land in 1959 with Patrick Wayne and Dennis Hopper.

Whitney married Mary Hosford, whom he gave a prominent part in this film, the same year it was released. The following year, in 1959, deWilde's career would graduate to more adult themes in Blue Denim.

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weitere Titel:
The Missouri Traveler
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 255
Verleih:Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Regie:Jerry Hopper
Kamera:Winton C. Hoch
Musik:Jack Marshall
Produzent:Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney
Darsteller:Brandon De Wilde
Lee Marvin
Gary Merrill
Paul Ford
Ken Curtis
Kathleen Freeman
Will Wright
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