Metroland is a 1997 British comedy-drama film directed by Philip Saville and starring Christian Bale and Emily Watson. Written by Adrian Hodges, based on the novel Metroland by Julian Barnes, the film is about a man whose tranquil and ordinary life is disrupted by the sudden reappearance of his best friend, which leads him to remember his rebellious youth in Paris, to question some of his life choices, and to re-evaluate his priorities and marriage. Mark Knopfler wrote the score and produced the Metroland soundtrack, which is supplemented by some additional tracks appropriate to the period depicted in the film.[1]

The executive producer Andrew Bendel and director Philip Saville needed three songs from the punk era to be included in the live band scenes played by a fictitious group called The Subverts. Danny de Matos and Del Bartle were asked to write the songs to be included in the film. These three particular songs featured in the film (although not included on the Polygram soundtrack) "Amerikkka We Hate You", "Destroy the Hoi Polloi" and "You Destiny" were also produced by Danny de Matos.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
21.12.2000 in Deutschland
weitere Titel:
Metroland cs ast
メトロランド (映画)
Genre:Dramedy, Literaturverfilmung
Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich, Frankreich
IMDB: 3122
Regie:Philip Saville
Drehbuch:Adrian Hodges
Musik:Mark Knopfler
Darsteller:Christian Bale
Emily Watson
Elsa Zylberstein
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