Five Aces


Five Aces is a 1999 black comedy/drama film written, produced and directed by David Michael O'Neill. It stars Charlie Sheen, Christopher McDonald, Aimée Leigh, Jeff Cesario, Michael McGrady, Tia Carrere, Geoffrey Lewis, Virginia Hamilton, Matt Clark, Hannes Jaenicke with John LaMotta and Elizabeth Morehead. It is one of the films where Charlie Sheen is credited as Charles Sheen.

The film released direct-to-video in many countries.

Chris Martin (Charlie Sheen) is a bachelor who wants to marry his long-time girlfriend. Wanting to enjoy his last few days as a bachelor, Chris spends several nights hanging out with his old friends, as they drink, swap stories, and chase women. What began as a send-off, however, might be something more serious when Martin starts having second thoughts about matrimony.

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weitere Titel:
Five Aces ast
Genre:schwarze Komödie
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 559
Drehbuch:Kevin Bernhardt
Darsteller:Charlie Sheen
Christopher McDonald
Aimée Leigh
Geoffrey Lewis
Matt Clark
Elizabeth Morehead
Shawn Weatherly
Hannes Jaenicke
Lilyan Chauvin
Tia Carrere
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